Album Tidal Lock out 23 September 2015

Tidal Lock out September 23

Tidal Lock cover
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With a background as a pianist and musicology student, Magnus Reimer embarked on a five year mission creating the epic electronic indie album Tidal Lock; a 14-track journey into the darker sides of popular music. Combining influences from the classical dark pop of David Bowie and Depeche Mode with electro and indie sounds from Sigur Rós, Efterklang and Sufjan Stevens, the aim was to create a lush and live orchestral sound using keyboard instruments and computers.

After a prolonged mixing phase and some valuable mastering aid from Hans Olsson Brookes, the result is a solid, luminous album which places electronic pop music back into the progressive alternative genre where it always belonged.

The artistic theme is centered around powerful natural forces like gravity and tidal waves, painting a battle ground of the mighty weights of planets locking each other into intense, unbreakable relations. While no song is quite like the other, they all form a unity exploring powerful polemic emotions, feelings of entrapment and the glorious sensations of liberation and completion. From the ominous grinding bass notes of the opening track, to the beautiful, climactic destruction of Grand Finale and the folk-inspired epilogue Open Horizon, Tidal Lock is an album which captivates the listener with its originality, embraceful vocals and catchy melodies, refusing to let you go.

” filled with expression, songs that have a will to truly caress the entire world and show themselves in their full glory.” Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden

”The songwriting and tension in the music of Magnus Reimer is unexpected at first, but the darkness that brews under his pop melodies and accessible vocal lines grows with every listen. There’s something not quite right, and it’s in his unsettling flourishes that his individuality lies.” Raw Meat, UK

”...this “musician, thinker, and chord-obsessed megalomaniac” has created a truly rare yet approachable sound.” AMBY, Canada

”...with key changes to die for and gentle arpeggiated chords, effectively drawing you in only to pull away.” Harmony Hungry, UK