Album Tidal Lock out 23 September 2015

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"It's pleasant yet has a dark tinge with key changes to die for and gentle arpeggiated chords, effectively drawing you in only to pull away."
Harmony Hungry, UK - read more

"...this “musician, thinker, and chord-obsessed megalomaniac” has created a truly rare yet approachable sound."
A Music Blog, yeh?, Canada - read more

"...Reimer delivers this sort of eyes wide open, almost childlike but definitely charming."
Backseat Mafia, UK - read more

"beautiful, beguiling..."
Deadly Music, Ireland - read more

"the new track by Magnus Reimer is simply stunning" "Magnus Reimer delivers gorgeous new track"
Rhythm & Booze, UK - read more

"The ‘Swedish synth and keyboard virtuoso’ seems to have nailed the idea of experimentalism, Swedish folk and classic pop in one song., Ireland - read more

"The songwriting and tension in the music of Magnus Reimer is unexpected at first, but the darkness that brews under his pop melodies and accessible vocal lines grows with every listen. There’s something not quite right, and it’s in his unsettling flourishes that his individuality lies."
Raw Meat, UK - read more

"Tidal Lock...a release to look forward to...Magnus Reimer takes the audience on an journey of the light and dark"
Emerging Indie Bands, UK - read more

"...dim light sensitivity that reflects the glow of an ethereal flame in a blizzard..." "...the pure energy of the magical creatures of the northern legends."
Tracker Magazine, Portugal - read more