Vakna by Magnus Reimer
I really wanted a swedish song on the album, so after many trials and errors, this is it. I did Världen before, so I used sort of the same technique with this one; I let the Swedish words dominate the process and find their own melody rather than the other way around. English is more versatile the Swedish, there are, musically, many things you can't say in my dear language which can be easily squeezed into a normal english sentence. On the other hand, and I guess this is saying a bit too much (SHAME), there is so much that hasn't been said in swedish music and that is something I'd would like to rectify. So boldly, this is my attempt at some serious swedish art.

The lyrics are difficult to explain. I will probably never tell anyone just the setting in which they are proclaimed, it's much too personal.


Vakna mitt hjärta
Vada i smärtan
Lova mig värme
Tryck dig närmre

Vakna Nu