Album Tidal Lock out 23 September 2015

Grand Finale and Open Horizon

This is meant to be the very last two tracks. I actually took a holiday from work in order to record and arrange Grand Finale, and it sure needed that. Delicate detuning of software instruments, seemingly hopeless changes in dynamics and most of all a very prominent feeling of loss. Oh, and before I forget, there's a part of this song when I always spiral off and sing/hum "Sound of Music". I had to look it up, and it doesn't really fit, but I plan to do it live anyways.

Open Horizon on the other hand was made in less than two days, a spin-off from a Tallest Man On Earth cover attempt, which failed miserably and led to an improvisation leading into a song. Oh, and if you hear it, the rain is real.


I swore to plead the rising tide to come.
I await a final moment, a setting sun.
Farewell a hundred times but no conclusion.
For all these wasted times, no evolution.
Every night I wake up blind in an illusion.
Every night I wake up blind, no evolution.

What's to explain, just embrace me one last time.
Nothing has changed, just embrace me one last time.

Open horizon
Open horizon
Not a cloud in the sky
I aim for your eye