Album Tidal Lock out 23 September 2015

All These Intentions

1) Turn down the volume on the youtube player.
2) Press play on the youtube player, then pause immediately.
3) Wait until the youtube video loads.
4) Press play on the soundcloud player.
5) Wait 20 seconds
6) Press play on the youtube player.
7) Enjoy

(Note: Don't go to full-screen unless you are sure it will turn up in a new tab/window.)

Here's a remix of a 2009 song, then called "(all these) Intentions (they're making me blind)". This was the first electronic song I made with live takes, and it has taken some time to perfect that style. Some might think that it has too much reverb, but it's one of them songs that sounds bloody awful without a certain amount of echo drenching, so there you go.

I've wanted to make a video for this with the Solyaris car scene, but whenever I upload something to youtube the sound turns to utter shite. Therefore I present to you this interactive approach. The video is slightly shorter than the song, but it still works out pretty well I think.

All these intentions
They are making me blind
Hell I was so dated
Asked to wait around