Album Tidal Lock out 23 September 2015

My musical biography.


Drinking soda.

My musical history started around the age of four when I nagged my mother to get me a cassette of the eurovision song contest which I then listened to for hours and hours on a primitive portable cassette player. I am happy to say that my exposure to these songs did not seem to have harmed me in any serious way, although my grandmother once recalled that it was "rather annoying". A year or two later, after more nagging, I got an electric organ to play with which later resulted in piano lessons for many years. The only real memory of this organ I have is a minimalistic song I composed on it using some tritonus intervals (no, I'm not kidding) which was called "tuta", which translates simply as "honk". Probably even more annoying than the cassette player.


Drinking vodka.

Later when I started school I listened alot to Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode and by my early teens I had convinced my parents to get me a syntheziser. For some strange reason I had an obsession with old analog syntheziser sounds which was a bit problematic at the time as all keyboards were digital (like roland d-50), those were dark days indeed. Anyways, after a musical project together with my brother I started making analog synthpop songs myself and actually had a gig. By the age of twenty however, I abandonded this project after it had been ruined by sticking too hard to a single idea: I wanted to do as varied songs as possible without changing the bass note. This means lots of sus-chords, 6ths, 7ths, 9ths, 11ths and other variants. The big flaw however was that I couldn't master making proper chord progressions and that all the songs sounded suspiciously similar.


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This musical simplicity and my limitations bored me and I started studying musicology. I remember these two years as rather insane, trying almost desperately to learn and apply every chord known to man without really succeeding in understanding them or their proper use. And yet, almost everything I know about music comes from this brief period of my life. Afterwards I spent several years stuck making complicated beatlesque songs that never seemed to get finished, with wierd chains of chords that never could find their way back to neither the beginning or a proper ending. Dark days again.

The next obsession to reach me was singing. I had been singing ever since the age of 13, but I believe it was when I heard Thom York in 1995 that something really changed. I have not taken any proper lessons so there's not much to tell really, other than that it took a long time for me to find my own style. The singers who have been most important to me are as different as Neil Finn, John Lennon, Miquel Gil, Yasmin Levy (yes), Jónsi Birgisson, Dylan and Ray Charles. The music I like, these days, is almost 100% controlled by whether or not I like the singer.


Drinking Beer

After some years of trying to become a writer I backflipped, bought new gear and started writing songs again. They are of a different style than before, in some ways a merger of my minimalist tendencies and my over-the-top-too-complicated-chord-progressions tendencies. I'm not afraid to do strange things, but I now always weigh it against the melodic expression. If there's no emotional advantage in giving a melody some fancy chord I just drop it and move on. At the same time I seem to think that a song just isn't worth writing if it doesn't contain something odd. I probably obsess about this, but at any rate my obsession with chords is what defines me as a song writer.

These new songs come remarkably easy, I'd estimate that recording a song takes about 100 times longer than writing it, but perhaps that's a common truth, I dunno. I am now working as fast as I can to record enough songs to make an album and set up some sort of live set, hopefully you will hear alot more from me in the future.


PS. Yes that is me in all of the photos.