Album Tidal Lock out 23 September 2015

Review in the Gothenburg Post

Magnus Reimer got his first review last week when Göteborgs-Posten gave this website a high mark and wrote some wonderful things.


"My good friend Charlie likes a lot of music, but has only one idol: David Sylvian. The former Japan singer has a faithful fan base who follow him through the atmospheric experiments he ventures into these days, and it wouldn't seem very unlikely if Magnus Reimer was a fan. He makes the same kind of music filled with expression, songs that have a will to truly caress the entire world and show themselves in their full glory. Music that really wants to fill the void and does so. He doesn't hold back on the production gun powder and samples harpsichords and mix them with ambient hammond and combines it all into a very exciting trip. With completely brilliant vocals. I am impressed!"
Daniel Claeson - Göteborgs-Posten

Well, what do I say? That is a very good start.