Album Tidal Lock out 23 September 2015


First song out in my remixing project is this rather funky, unsynthy piece of heartbreak pop. It wasn't meant to exist, it pretty much wrote itself. I hope you like the mix (and the enhanced static from the drum samples).

Photo by Erik Berglin

I was caught with the sun in my eyes
For one moment I was set alight
I followed but I was too late
You'd caught a moral I can't erase

Hey! Arms are raised but I kept following you

You were born with the sun in your eyes
You're right to keep it just to yourself
I clench a stone in my hand
Forgot I've got nothing to give

Hey! Arms are raised but I kept swallowing truth

I'm pillaging the stars
'Cause they followed you
Into my gloom
You're floating out too far
Under love I loom
Under love I loom

I gather you'll be fine
With so many lovers
Who'll cry for you
I gather they'll be fine
With a love like you
With a love like you