First song out in my remixing project is this rather funky, unsynthy piece of heartbreak pop. It wasn't meant to exist, it pretty much wrote itself. I hope you like the mix (and the enhanced static from the drum samples).

Photo by Erik Berglin

I was caught with the sun in my eyes
For one moment I was set alight
I followed but I was too late
You'd caught a moral I can't erase

Hey! Arms are raised but I kept following you

You were born with the sun in your eyes
You're right to keep it just to yourself
I clench a stone in my hand
Forgot I've got nothing to give

Hey! Arms are raised but I kept swallowing truth

I'm pillaging the stars
'Cause they followed you
Into my gloom
You're floating out too far
Under love I loom
Under love I loom

I gather you'll be fine
With so many lovers
Who'll cry for you
I gather they'll be fine
With a love like you
With a love like you